Sunday, May 31, 2009

The best of Friends

I am starting to really enjoy having 2 boys so close in age. I can see the great friends my boys will be already. Tyler idolizes Cody, and Cody loves to be the boss of someone. I love to watch as Tyler lights up when his big brother comes into the room. It reminds me of how much I wanted to be like my big sister. It is also fun to watch as Cody tries to control every move that Tyler makes! This also reminds me of my sister:). They are definitely boys...they love to be outside, dirty and wild. Smack down is my favorite activity to watch...and their favorite to play. Cody does most of the smacking down at this point, but Tyler thinks it is hilarious and laughs every time.

I can't wait for the things to come as my boys grow up together in this wide open space!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Not So Big City

The kids love living in the not so big city. They have joined the local gang which involves wrestling, working out, and just hangin around.

I love the mountians around our house, and how bright the stars are at night...just can't wait to see them from our own house!