Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

It has been so cold here the last couple of days, and I mean below zero cold, but Cody still wants to play outside. He is cute in the snow, can't wait to take him sledding!

It's the little things...

Tyler learned how to breathe through his mouth and he is so cute breathing in and out really quick, just to show me that he can do it! it really makes me laugh.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two down, sixteen to go!

Assuming that Cody moves out at 18...we have 16 years to go. We celebrated his 2nd birthday this weekend. Just a small family celebration with a couple fun presents.


It is fun for me to remember things I did as a child, and watch my kids experience them for the first time. We went to Meme and Coco's house on Halloween and raked leaves from their tall, tall trees and played in them. It was really fun. I remember raking leaves at Nana and Papa's house and sliding and playing in them when I was small.
I also remember trips to California Where my mom and dad said things like... this is the house I grew up in, or this is where I went to school and thinking it was weird that they wanted to show us that stuff. Now I find myself telling Cody the same things.

Monday, October 27, 2008



It is really fun to dress kids up...so mine have more than one costume!

Jason and Josh (aka Shirley and Eldon) won the costume contest.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere...

Manny and Monique are having fun in CO, and are glad to have so many friends. Even Tyler has a mini monkey!

Monday, September 29, 2008

This one is for you, Uncle Andy!!!

On another note, today is Jason and I have been married for seven years. Today is our anniversary! I still remember all the details of the day just like it was yesterday. I can't believe it has been that long...and glad to have 2 sweet boys to share our celebrations with this year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monkeys come to visit

It was a busy weekend...we went to Meme's house on Friday,just for fun, which is unusual. We started at Starbucks
and spent the afternoon at the pool.
Then after a short nap it was back home to see the new fish tank! Jason traded in his two other tanks for a 120 gallon salt water tank. It is really nice! We are excited to have Manny and Monique at our house and they fit right in with my monkeys.

Thanks to Noah and Aunt Leah for potty training the monkeys and getting them some really cool big boy pants!
The weekend would not be complete with a little drama...Cookie gave me two weeks notice, because she got a job at a daycare...and Sunday was our first day at the new babysitters. It went well for a first day, but first days are always hard. Her name is Safiyah and she is really nice. I will let you know how it goes this week. Here is some cute pics of the boys before we left to her house.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day at the Park

We spent Labor Day playing! We had a blast with Daddy at the park...Here are some video and pictures from the fun day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who's who

Just a couple pics to show how much the boys really look alike!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Coco - a complicated person!

Coco is a lot of fun...He came to visit and eat dinner while MO was away in Chicago. We had tacos, then went to the park. Cody showed Coco the ropes - slides, swings, balls - it was a lot of fun. Coco was a wild horse on the way home, and Cody held on for dear life! Then bath time, where Coco tried to stick as many letters on Cody as possible. After Cody was in bed, we saw how boring Coco is too, he put Tyler right to sleep! Then we enjoyed some Coke floats, and Coco had to go home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The faces of Tyler

Ready for fall??

We have enjoyed the summer, but we are ready for some cooler weather! I have a new system for dinners, a 3 week rotating menu and it is saving us some money, not eating out. Some other benefits include eating as a family every night, and teaching Cody better table manners. I think Tyler can smell the food cooking, because he always seems to wake up hungry just as soon as I am ready to sit down to eat. We are excited for fall, we will be doing MOPS this year! It starts in Sept. and I am very excited to meet some other Christian women who live close to me.

Cody is going through a stage where he loves his daddy more than me, and wants to do everything with Dad! He also loves Coco and asks about him everyday! Guess I can't complain, they are two great men!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day!!!

We all had our first day yesterday...It was back to work for me, and Cody and Tyler went to Cookie's house. All things considered, I felt it was a very successful day. I only cried a couple of times and Cody had a blast playing. I think I will be able to incorporate my daily meal plan into the new schedule without a problem, and I still have mornings to play with the boys. My boss is glad to have me back, and I see that there is a lot of work to do, but am up for the challenge. Cookie is a great care provider, and I am thankful that God lead me to her. She has a kind heart and loves children. Thanks to Aunt Leah for the cutest first day away outfits ever...it is really fun to dress my boys up in matching clothes!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The last week :(

It is my last week of maternity leave, and I am sad to go back to work. Fortunately it will be part time, only 5 hours a day. We have had a busy week...Water park,
visit with Nana at the airport during her layover
and much more to come. I feel like I need to get as much fun in this week as I can...even though I will still be with Cody and Ty-Ty(Codyism) in the mornings.

Lenny came to visit after his 2 week vacation in Oregon, and was talking about how hard it was to go back to work, I can't imagine how hard it will be after 6 months off!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Boy!!!

No picture today, I just thought everyone should know that Cody took a nap in his Big Boy bed today...yesterday he tried to climb out of his crib for the first time and fell out. So I thought it was time to move to his toddler bed, and he did GREAT!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day at the Zoo!!!

We took advantage of a day under 90 degrees with a day at the zoo. We joined some ladies from my new MOPS group and my daycare provider Cookie for a very fun day. I think that Cody had more fun climbing up on the wood fences than looking at the animals, but he did really like the Gorillas, Elephants and oddly enough I think the big horn sheep were his favorite. The child interaction is fun for me to watch at this age...the kids just kind of stare at each other. They want to play near each other, but don't want to say hi or get too close. Cody enjoyed looking at the animals and Tyler slept most of the day...a good experience for our first real outing!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I have come to the realization that I will not have a relaxing vacation until my children are old enough to take care of themselves...at least 5 years...

It was a very busy week! Jason was in Texas for his Nannie's funeral, so Cody, Tyler and I went to Niwot so Mimi and Coco could help me watch the two boys. We went to the pool everyday, and Cody is now an expert at the slide and jumping off the edge.
In the mornings we would drink coffee or bottle in Mimi's bed and watch the news...some days Mister Bear joined us.

Great Great Uncle Gil came for dinner one night, and told us about his internet dating experiences! We had brats for dinner and boy were they good.

Mimi had Girls night out at Liz's pool, and so Coco picked up some Abo's pizza and we enjoyed every last piece.

We did a bath every night before bed to get all that chlorine off, Tyler even joined in the fun.

We read books and had some naked time downstairs before putting Cody to bed...Mimi and Coco are now Goldbug experts!!!

Thanks Mimi and Coco for all your help...We miss you and the pool already!