Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colorful Colorado

We had a very nice trip to Meme and Coco's house last weekend. I think it is the greenest I have ever seen it!

Since it rained nearly everyday, we spent a lot of time at the pool...although we did get some time at the park and a walk on the Niwot trail, complete with throwing sticks in the pond and searching for wildlife.
Uncle Andrew kept us entertained as usual,
and we even made it to church at flatirons. Cody did a nice job practicing small talk with Coco(what your name is?) and complimented shoes, hair and anything else he could think of. Tyler was happy to have so much attention, and showed off his skills while cruising around the furniture...he will be walking before we know it! The train was a little scary at night, but we went to check out the tracks and caboose in old town Niwot, and that was a huge hit.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Many New Things

It seems that everyday Tyler grows bigger. His face and body are changing as he leaves babyhood behind and becomes a little boy. It makes me want another baby, but not enough to actually have one (yet)! He has started to walk behind toys, and thinks that it is soooo cool that he can do this. Cody is also growing everyday, and has developed some serious language skills...he talks all the time. He loves to talk on the phone and to his friends, I am surprised he doesn't talk in his sleep. His new favorite activity is Golfin it. To the layman, that is golfing. He plays in the yard, and will even watch golf on TV with Daddy. Before long Cody will be out with the boys every weekend playing golf for real. I can't wait!