Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bedtime Already :(

Cody is such a happy boy, but has started to despise going to bed...He just wants to keep playing! He does, however, like the process of getting ready for bed, so I thought I would share our routine with you. It starts in the bathtub, Cody really loves to pour water from one cup to another and set up then knock his ducks and toys off the edge.

After about a half hour or forty-five minutes and some very wrinkled fingers and toes, I help Cody put his toys away and we get out of the tub. The next step is to brush teeth. Cody loves this step, I think more for the way the toothpaste tastes than the actual brushing, but that is ok.

After we brush our teeth, we go downstairs and watch one of our now numerous truck videos and give Dad a hug and kiss goodnight, then it is time to read a couple books and go to sleep.

We are trying to get Cody ready for his transition to the big boy we read his stories in the toddler bed, then get in the crib for sleeping.
Since we have a video monitor, I can see Cody's personal bedtime routine which includes reading stories to his monkey and saying goodnight to the trucks, tractors, and walls in his room. He really is tooooo cute!


Leah said...

The dunk is too cute. I love when Cody is in Noah's old clothes. It makes me love on Cody more for some reason?!? I think b/c I think of when Noah was a baby and then I think of Cody as a baby - it is a circle of baby thinking. Too much!!! See you in 6 and a butt

Anonymous said...

He is DARLING! Thanks for sharing his routine. I'm glad he takes care of his animals. He's such a sweety. MO