Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Many New Things

It seems that everyday Tyler grows bigger. His face and body are changing as he leaves babyhood behind and becomes a little boy. It makes me want another baby, but not enough to actually have one (yet)! He has started to walk behind toys, and thinks that it is soooo cool that he can do this. Cody is also growing everyday, and has developed some serious language skills...he talks all the time. He loves to talk on the phone and to his friends, I am surprised he doesn't talk in his sleep. His new favorite activity is Golfin it. To the layman, that is golfing. He plays in the yard, and will even watch golf on TV with Daddy. Before long Cody will be out with the boys every weekend playing golf for real. I can't wait!

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Nicci said...

I saw your note on FB that you had a blog so I came to check it out and am glad I can follow you here! I added you to mine too so you can follow me if you like! :) I was just telling my husband the other day as we drove past Brittany Hill about our swing dancing days of college and the lines down yours and Lori's legs and the many of days and nights in the dorm! Ahhhh we had some great memories for a year! Your boys are too precious and I am glad I found you again!