Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bond of Brothers...or Sisters

Yesterday, Cody got up, and much to my dismay, his first stop was to Tyler's room to make sure his little brother was awake. Today, Tyler woke up is a little harder for him as he cannot get out of his crib by himself, but the first place he went was to Cody's door. I told him that his brother was still sleeping, and he looked disappointed. They love each other, and just want to be together from the moment they wake up.
I remember feeling that way...sneaking out of my room to sleep with Leah or Andrew. I am glad they have each other to share their secrets with. I can't wait to see how their friendship unfolds as they grow together.


Deb said...

It's good to have big/little brother. Can't wait to see the boys!

Leah said...

Please I keep no secrets for you....AJ or DJ always hear about it :)...but I think that's why you tell me stuff...right??

I miss cody and tyler...tell them to come see me...