Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Long Awaited...

Our house is finally here. They drove it in two pieces from ABQ on Wednesday afternoon. Getting it up the hill was no problem!

The crew came in on Thursday to put the 2 pieces together, and much to my dismay, were not done until Tuesday morning. We started moving as soon as they were done, and almost all the boxes are unpacked. Cody has been extatic to show everyone his new house, especially his toys that have been in storage for the past months. He has been helpful unpacking boxes, and playing with the empty ones!

I love the kitchen, and the ample storage space,

but my favorite is the large tub in the master bathroom.
After a breif argument about furniture placement in the living room, we found the perfect placement for our couches in the large living room.

We have moved everything out of Dwayne's garage, but still need to hook up the electricity before we move in, so all the stuff inside the house still needs to be moved. Hopefully we will be living in our new home by this weekend!


Nicci said...

yay so fun! Congratulations to you! I love your huge kitchen and bath tub!

Deb said...

Everything looks GREAT! Can't wait for an invitation to come and visit. :-) ILY

Lori Vernon said...

Ditto on the kitchen & bathtub. They look so awesome! Have fun in your new place!

Andrew said...

who's that joe dirt looking guy?