Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So many firsts!!!

Well, it has been a busy month. We had the first Halloween, Cody was cookie monster. We had the first birthday...Thanks to everyone for making it so much fun!!! We had the first haircut, Cody was very brave and curious, but no tears:-). It was so good to have a visit from Uncle Andy and Cody had soooo much fun with him, can't wait until they are getting in trouble together. I will post pictures of some of these first as soon as I can.


Leah said...

Cody is really cute. Post a picture with a good view of his new hair cut...I want to see how it turned out. I am sure it is much better than Noah's numerous cuts by me...can we totally bald.


Andy said...

i loved the cookie monster time. i had a great time and a lot of fun staying at the house with you. i miss you and i cant wait to see you again. ps welcome to the blogging revolution.

Andy said...

so how bout another post???