Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It is so weird to me that you can grow up with someone your entire life and still not really know them. I have read both my brother and sister's stories on their blogs and find that there are so many things they have experienced that I knew nothing about. It is strange to think of Andrew as a grown man, with so much life experience. I just think of him as a little boy squeezing the glow worm so hard and still not getting any glow! And to think of my sister with indecision and questions of what life will bring doesn't fit. What a great mother she is! I just wish they lived closer so we could share our adult lives as much as we shared our childhood.


Leah said...

I know of a townhouse for sale in Chicago...In case you want to move :) I wish we lived closer too. It is part of our plan to get back to Colorado - just taking a little longer than we thought.

Anonymous said...

The glow worm -- what a fun memory. ILY, Pete. MO