Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Adam!

After our short trip to NC we had enough time to recover and it was down to NM to visit with Jason's side of the family and celebrate Adam's birthday.
It has been fun to see Cody play with his cousin Cole and open up to Grammy and Papa. Since we don't see them much it took a couple days to feel at home. Baby Cade is doing great and is one of the chubbiest babies I have seen in a while. It makes me so excited for baby Alyssa to come into the world, but sort of nervous too, it will be a lot of work to take care of two little ones.
There were some early festivities for the Easter holiday, so we went to town for the easter egg hunt and face painting...Cody thought the basket looked better as a hat!


Leah said...

Cody is so cute and he looks like a little man in that picture. I am glad you had fun in NM. Did you know that NM is one of 4 states where cauc. race is not the majority

Andy said...

reminds me so much of you as a baby...sweet and sensitive, shy, and a real cutie with a basket on his head!! i cant wait to see you in CO, and also to go visit NM...six years since i have been in the state.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! Cody is one cute Easter egg. Thanks for calling. I look forward to Friday. Maybe a litte shopping -- my new addiction!!! I love you. MO