Monday, March 10, 2008

The rehearsal

Well, it was an interesting trip to the "New South"...Cody and I spent 4 days in NC with cousin Noah, Aunt Lele, Uncle Andy and Mimi. While somewhat exhausting, it was very much fun. We visited some of the attractions, most of them geared toward our little ones.

My favorite was the discovery zone...Here are a few pictures to show you how much fun we had. I learned something about myself, I need to let go a little more and let Cody discover on his own. He loves to play with other children, and he will check in when he needs me. He was so cute playing in the water, climbing on the ropes and even going down the slide. He is just growing up too fast!
I can tell that I am pregnant though, because I felt like crying every night because I missed my Hubby! The emotions ran high, but I reminded everyone to remain calm and remember that there were 2 pregnant women here!!! Mimi got Alyssa a darling white top and Aunt Lele got her a pair of ballet slippers that I am sure will get lots of use when the little girl finally arrives. I feel like it was a good rehearsal for the upcoming jamboree. Hopefully we got all the tears out and we can have a tear free jamboree in CO in April. See you all soon.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was REALLY fun, too. The Discovery Center was chaotic but Cody didn't seem to think so!! ILY MO

Andy said...

i had a lot of fun, but i was really tired on monday...cant wait to get worn out next month.

Leah said...

I don't know about you but I want to cry in April...maybe I will throw my wallet away just to make it interesting...

Chow Chow