Thursday, January 20, 2011


Have you ever wanted something so badly it consumes your every thought? I find myself in that place right now. I desire but lack all motivation to change anything. There are many things I desire to change, and have started to work towards routine on some, maybe the most important...daily time with God, scripture memorization and bible study/reading. I am not working towards health, and it has recently occurred to me that I cannot have a complete relationship with God unless I can discipline myself in all arenas if my life. It does me little good to indulge in an unhealthy physical lifestyle even if my spiritual one is getting better. It says in 1 Peter to avoid fleshly desires, not just sinful pleasures, but anything not useful. Need to get my butt in gear literally!

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Leah said...

All I have to say is couch to 5K app...It will be your key to getting your butt in gear :)