Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day at the Zoo!!!

We took advantage of a day under 90 degrees with a day at the zoo. We joined some ladies from my new MOPS group and my daycare provider Cookie for a very fun day. I think that Cody had more fun climbing up on the wood fences than looking at the animals, but he did really like the Gorillas, Elephants and oddly enough I think the big horn sheep were his favorite. The child interaction is fun for me to watch at this age...the kids just kind of stare at each other. They want to play near each other, but don't want to say hi or get too close. Cody enjoyed looking at the animals and Tyler slept most of the day...a good experience for our first real outing!


Anonymous said...

Everybody looks happy! Which lady is Cookie? MO

Leah said...

It was fun talking to you last night! I am glad that you are TOTALLY enjoying your mat leave.

Pete said...

The ladie with the five kids in the petting zoo is Cookie. I will take a better picture of her and her family on friday when they come over for dinner. Pete