Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ready for fall??

We have enjoyed the summer, but we are ready for some cooler weather! I have a new system for dinners, a 3 week rotating menu and it is saving us some money, not eating out. Some other benefits include eating as a family every night, and teaching Cody better table manners. I think Tyler can smell the food cooking, because he always seems to wake up hungry just as soon as I am ready to sit down to eat. We are excited for fall, we will be doing MOPS this year! It starts in Sept. and I am very excited to meet some other Christian women who live close to me.

Cody is going through a stage where he loves his daddy more than me, and wants to do everything with Dad! He also loves Coco and asks about him everyday! Guess I can't complain, they are two great men!

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Anonymous said...

These boys are so cute! I'm all about the cooler weather. MO