Monday, August 4, 2008


I have come to the realization that I will not have a relaxing vacation until my children are old enough to take care of least 5 years...

It was a very busy week! Jason was in Texas for his Nannie's funeral, so Cody, Tyler and I went to Niwot so Mimi and Coco could help me watch the two boys. We went to the pool everyday, and Cody is now an expert at the slide and jumping off the edge.
In the mornings we would drink coffee or bottle in Mimi's bed and watch the news...some days Mister Bear joined us.

Great Great Uncle Gil came for dinner one night, and told us about his internet dating experiences! We had brats for dinner and boy were they good.

Mimi had Girls night out at Liz's pool, and so Coco picked up some Abo's pizza and we enjoyed every last piece.

We did a bath every night before bed to get all that chlorine off, Tyler even joined in the fun.

We read books and had some naked time downstairs before putting Cody to bed...Mimi and Coco are now Goldbug experts!!!

Thanks Mimi and Coco for all your help...We miss you and the pool already!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. It sure was fun having you. Not relaxing, but fun. Be sure to send the photos to Gil so he can continue his on-line search. MO

Leah said...

I am jealous for your fun time with Mimi and Coco. Noah can almost take care of himself - he can use the bathroom by himself (almost), get milk from the fridge and take the trash maybe you only have three years to go instead of 5!